Do non-profits own the messaging space?

I’ve worked in messaging for more than ten years and most of that experience has been working with non-profit organizations. It may be the fact that I’m biased, or my view is skewed because of my work history, but I think that non-profit organizations have had much more success with messaging campaigns compared to small business or enterprise.

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This episode reviews some prominent non-profit text message campaigns and goes a little deeper into why non-profits might have an advantage over business.

The big reason that non-profits do better with messaging is that people care much more about non-profit causes (compared to a small business for instance). Because a supporter is more invested in a non-profit, they will be more likely to give their phone number – which is a very high permission opt-in. To put it another way, I’m not interested in giving my cell phone to many businesses that I deal with, but for a cause I believe in….