The Facebook Apocalypse

It’s been a bumping road for Facebook and anyone working in their ecosystem. Here are my thoughts on what happened and where all of this will lead.

Facebook is back, approving new apps! So it appears that things will be back to normal soon.


Set the stage: Set the stage: –

Facebook is not launching/approving new apps.
Zuckerberg is testifying before Congress.
#delete_facebook is a thing

My take:
Yes Facebook is agressive.
They are going to come out of the sitation in a very good place.
Huge misunderstanding about the situation.
The data that was swept is FB Likes. Not personal information.
What CA did with the data — imagine what FB can do with the data.
FB might get penalized, but this proves the value of their asset.

Essentially nothing happens, maybe some small regulation.
More importantly for people working with FB Messenger, I think that FB Messenger Apps will be getting reviewed again by F8 or before – May 1-2. (and apps being reopened was announced the day I recorded this episode).

It’s not the most fun thing to talk about, but let’s dig a little into how the FB setup and approval process works. It’s confusing and there are a lot of misconceptions.
FB Page + FB App + Platform
Logo, Privacy Policy, ToS
Approval – Messaging & Subscriptions
Big shift coming from approving apps to approving pages. Part of real policy enforcement efforts.