Episode #17 Arte Merritt Co-founder and CEO of Dashbot

Arte Merritt joins the podcast to talk about Dashbot and analytics for conversations and bots. Dashbot helps builders track what’s happening on their messaging and conversation applications. Dashbot works on messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and SMS as well as voice devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The most impressive thing about Dashbot has been their growth. They’ve processed 7 billion messages for 10’s of thousands of bots and messaging applications.

You can find them online at http://dashbot.io and on twitter @dashbotio.

Episode #16 – Here’s why messaging is worth investigating

We’re starting something new with The Chat Bubble. This is the first episode in a series that will explain terms, share best practices, strategies and benchmarks for messaging and how organizations’ approach to the channel. We’re keeping these episodes short and of course we’ll still be interviewing people in the space regularly.

This episode talks about messaging as a channel, and why it’s worth understanding.

I look at messaging as one of only 5 communication channels in existence (Face to face, mail, phone, email and messaging). It’s a natural progression along the timeline of personal and business communication and messaging will be the primary communication channel on new devices (VR, AR, autos).

Hope you enjoy.

Paul de Gregorio, Director of Digital Engagement at Open, shares amazing messaging + fundraising examples

Wow what an episode! We’re chatting with Paul de Gregorio. He is the Director of Digital Engagement at Open – a full service agency in the UK that also builds messaging technology. Paul is a true believer in the power of messaging and he’s also designed and executed amazing messaging campaigns for organizations.

I edit every podcast after recording them and when I re-heard Paul’s description of the Break Through Breast Cancer campaign, it blew me away. It takes a lot of planning and the right strategy to make a campaign like this seem so simple. http://opencreates.com/2012/10/you-know-right/

We also discuss One Love Manchester and the fundraising from the benefit concert for the attack in Manchester. http://opencreates.com/2017/06/one-love-manchester/

The big news which was just announced today… the Stand for Rights Facebook Live campaign was nominated for an Emmy. http://opencreates.com/2017/07/what-do-ru-pauls-drag-race-benedict-cumberbatch-open-have-in-common/ Here is the longer description on the Open blog. http://opencreates.com/2017/04/stand-for-rights-stand-for-freedom/

Finally, Paul writes a regular newsletter focused on activism and the use of messaging in activism. Signup here and follow Paul on Twitter @pauldegregorio

Episode #14 Kate Myers, co-founder of Shop or Not

This episode is recorded live, so the conversation flow is a little different. Shop or Not is a really cool idea. Once you text in and sign up, it’s possible to make a purchase via SMS with one simple message.

We talk about Kate’s journey as an entrepreneur through her time building photo and video apps and how she arrived in the world of messaging. Shop or Not is a company to keep your eye on, so it’s really interesting to hear how they think about commerce and data.

Be sure to sign up at their website, (https://toshopornot.com/) or simply text in the word HELLO to 347-482-0881.