Episode 8 – Anicia Gau on The Chat Bubble to talk about Qwazou

I first discovered Qwazou in the Messenger Platform Developer Community Facebook Group. Qwazou is a bot that helps people discover other bots through categories or search. They’ve launched on Faceook and are looking to be the go to directory for all Messenger bots.

In this episode I speak with Anicia Gau about the space and where it’s going. We talk about the best experiences available in Messenger and of course, the name Qwazou.

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Episode 7 – Purple founders Rebecca and David

In my opinion, Purple has been the most successful Facebook Messenger campaign since the start of the Facebook Messenger platform. They started as an SMS campaign to explain 2016 election events clearly and in a non-partisan way. In the Summer of 2016 they migrated to Facebook Messenger and have grown a large and engaged list.

Purple didn’t end after election day. They send 1 or 2 daily messages to keep people up to date on US politics and there is a large initiative to help more people become trusted sources using Messenger.

This episode is an essential listen if you’re interested in messaging as a channel for communications.

Daniel Souweine – Founder of Relay and former Director of National Texting Program for Bernie 2016

This is an amazing episode. Daniel has been in the messaging space since 2009 and has been a driving force for some of the most notable campaigns. He’s currently heading a company focused on P2P SMS, which is the newest and most interesting development for text messaging in a while.

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